2017 Suzuki Baleno performance, Design and Styling Reviews
Tuesday, 28 March 2017

2017 Suzuki Baleno performance, Design and Styling Reviews


Suzuki's brand-new turbocharged 1.0-litre Boosterjet engine is barely a trend-setter, after that, yet it is equally just as good as the majority of the ultra-modern in-line triples we should contrast it with, a minimum of in regards to its gutsiness as well as action, its readiness to rev and also its gas economic climate.

In going with a small-capacity, three-cylinder turbocharged fuel engine for the loved one benefits on efficiency, driveability, gas economic situation as well as zestiness of personality that it supplies over a bigger, climatic four-cylinder system, the Baleno signs up with a lengthy checklist of competitors that have actually currently made the button.

Suzuki Baleno performance
Suzuki Baleno performance
It has throttle feedback as crisp as that of the far better instances of the type, as well as it's reliable, returning far better compared to 55mpg for our economic situation testers where a lot of much less effective little vehicles battle to pass 50mpg.

It took simply 9.7 sec to go from 30-70mph via the equipments; that's closer to the speed of a Mini Cooper compared to the 89bhp Mazda 2 we examined in 2015-- an auto that should certainly be the better competing, based upon cost.

The Baleno's engine is a little harsh and also chuggy at still, equally as all transversely installed three-cylinder electric motors have the tendency to be as an outcome of the shaking movement that their shooting order conveys. However it rotates right into a rather scheduled however productive thrum which, although not also separated as in several of its opponents, is flawlessly bearable.

The company is infamously cynical with its efficiency insurance claims, so that we defeated the Baleno's main 0-62mph case of 11.4 sec should not come as a shock, yet in continuously videotaping a sub-10.0 sec 0-60mph time as well as averaging 9.8 sec in 2 instructions, the Baleno shows it's adept.

That's much less real in regards to general improvement, maybe, yet when you consider up that listing as well as take into consideration that it's provided on a vehicle offered for the Baleno's rate, you need to appreciate Suzuki's success.

We had actually wished for slick as well as guaranteed control weights, since the Swift provides to you. Yet the change top quality of the Baleno's five-speed handbook transmission is light and also bouncy, and also the keener you are to removal the bar with eviction, the much less sufficient it really feels.

Braking efficiency is reputable, although the 185/55 R16 Bridgestone Ecopia tyres on which the Baleno comes do not precisely whip the roadway surface area. In the completely dry, the vehicle quit from 70mph in 49.8 metres-- a poorer outcome compared to the two-tonne Ford Side we figured on the very same day. From a sub-one-tonne automobile, you may well anticipate far better.

Design and Styling

We anticipate Suzuki superminis to be light, as an example. It's something that has actually added to the dynamism, effectiveness and also overall allure of the present Swift and also might do so once again with the Baleno. The Baleno's look is a clear effort at European layout elegance-- and also, a minimum of in position, a misdirected one.

Suzuki Baleno Design and Styling
Suzuki Baleno Design and Styling

Suspension is by means of struts at the front as well as a torsion beam of light at the back, while power originates from a selection of 89bhp 1.2-litre four-cylinder Dualjet and also 110bhp 1.0-litre three-cylinder Boosterjet petroleum engines. Yet we do not anticipate Suzuki to go for styling appeal motivated by the stylish costs supermini established.

Since, improved a brand-new system constructed from higher-grade steels compared to its sibling vehicles as well as calling for less supports, this brand-new five-door hatchback evaluated simply 920kg on our ranges. As well as it didso even with measurements that make it huge by course criteria: longer and also bigger compared to a Skoda Fabia, Ford Feast as well as Volkswagen Polo as well as defeated for exterior dimension just by the really largest automobiles in the course.

With much less design, the vehicle could have raised the contemporary, wise, underrated perception that the majority of its designing appears to be functioning in the direction of. Yet there's excessive chrome-effect plastic to earn it able to satisfy requirements in the context of European preferences.


Striking a contrived and also jarring note are the silvery trims around each air vent, along each interior doorcard and surrounding the air-con controls; they're as out of place as a micro-salad garnish and a spot of pomegranate jus on a plate of beans on toast.

It consists of sat-nav, CarPlay and MirrorLink smartphone connection and also BIT radio all as criterion. If it isn't the most functional, responsive or sharpest-looking system you have actually ever used, you could bear in mind that this is all on a sub-₤ 13k automobile, because it's absolutely offering a great deal for the money.

Suzuki Baleno Interior
Suzuki Baleno Interior
The system shuns switches and also knobs, using instead touch-sensitive pads for quantity control as well as for 'house', 'voice control' and also 'setups' functions.

We favor buttons for oft-pressed primary menus like these, due to the fact that capacitive alternatives don't have haptic feel and can be flaky.

The system's making of graphics is fairly standard, however its mapping is specificed and very easy to adhere to and the voice control appears to function well.

Ahead of the driver is an additional device adjunct: a journey computer system with a variety of completely unneeded settings for a spending plan supermini (a side g-meter and power as well as torque dials among them), yet settings you could just discover accidentally, as one tester did, when trying to adjust the illumination of the instrumentation backlighting.

Yet the touchscreen user interface functions all right. There are 4 significant control zones (nav, phone, MirrorLink, radio), while pressing the celebrity in the centre of the display raises extra shortcuts significant per area (track avoid, 'take me residence' destination for navigating and more).

This is an automobile you could easily make use of as periodic short-range transportation for a little family members as well as easily sit in the back of as an average-sized grownup. And also to that we doff our caps.

Much less unneeded is the auto's 7.0 in colour touchscreen infotainment system, whose visibility as conventional on any ₤ 13,000 car is quite a coup. Its screen has a slightly low-rent, orange peel want to it as well as its menus aren't latest thing in easy navigability, however it's a system of several functions and it'll exceed the expectations of a fantastic numerous proprietors.

Suzuki Baleno Engine
Suzuki Baleno Engine
There's more chrome highlighting along the size of the centre console: a piece of trim with exposed screw heads that bends like a toddler's plaything when subjected to a little responsive scrutiny.

The meat of the Baleno's interior meal is its usefulness. Making use of the averagely functional Mazda 2 as a pen of the area that a normal supermini offers, the Baleno surpasses its standards by a range: by nearly 100mm on regular rear leg room, 40mm on front-seat head space, 50mm on seats-up boot length and also 100mm on useful filling width.

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